Cleaning of the sex toys is one of the practices that have been neglected by so many individuals. Not only have the companies involved in the manufacturing of these toyed but also they users themselves. Despite the fact the sex toys do not come with instructions on how to clean them, it is a very significant exercise that should not be overlooked by anyone especially the users.

The sex toys should be cleaned on a regular basis because they come into contact with the most sensitive parts of the body, and these parts produce fluids that come in contact with the material of the toys. There are bacteria that should exist naturally in these areas, and once the toys come into contact with the fluid, some unwanted bacteria might multiply on the and grow on the toy of which when not cleaned, it will introduce these bacteria to these sensitive parts leading to an infection. Therefore the toy should be cleaned after every use be it anal or vaginal use.

The sex toys should be cleaned using an antibacterial reagent that removes the fluids and any available microbes from the toy. The reagent cleaner functions by inactivating and killing the bacteria present on the toys. All toys should be cleaned including even those used orally. After cleaning in water, the antibacterial is then sprayed on the toy which is wiped to get rid of any residue then left to dry in the air. Antibacterial cleaners are cheap and last for a long time because they are only used in small quantities.

They type of the soap to be used to clean the toys vibes and dildos are dependent on where the toy will be used. The antibacterial cleaner is considered the best option because it has a balanced pH that does not interfere with the natural body, unlike some soap that might greatly interrupt the body's physiology concerning the pH changes.

Some sex toys of different material come with cleaning instructions, for instance, those toys made of silicone come with instructions that are needed to be read very carefully because sometimes they are required to put in a dishwasher to be cleaned thoroughly.

Sex toys that use some electric power or the batteries should not be submerged in water because doing this will damage them and greatly affect their functioning. They are instead cleaned using running water that should be very far from the electronic element.